Biden as President in a Script for a Global Economic Fix by 2023

October 24, 2020 ~ By Levana Lomma

An article written by Time Magazine on October 22, 2020, found under a whole web page dedicated to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, is titled: It’s 2023. Here’s How We Fixed the Global Economy. This article is basically a script for the next 3 years, outlining the desired outcome of the fake worldwide pandemic the elites used to crash economies and leave the people more easily manipulated. It is predictive programming at it’s finest.

Illustration by Neil Jamieson for TIME

The year is 2023. The COVID-19 pandemic has come to an end, and the global economy is on the path to recovery. How did we get here? How did our economy and society evolve to overcome the greatest crisis of our age?

The author goes on to write about the economic fall out from Covid-19 and how this ultimately made it clear that new policies were needed to address climate risks, incentivize green lending, scale up financial institutions tackling social and environmental goals, and ban financial-sector activity that didn’t serve a clear public purpose.

Which makes no sense.

In other words, Covid-19 has proven to be the perfect smokescreen to push the world economy into one that is restructured around regulations that align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals while simultaneously destroying capitalism and the free market and solidifying socialism.

The U.S. began to change its approach after Nov. 3, 2020, when Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the presidential election and the Democrats held the majority in both houses of Congress. Following his Inauguration in January 2021, President Biden moved quickly to rebuild frayed ties between America and Europe, setting up a forum to share collective intelligence that could inform a smarter form of government.

This article paints a picture of an election won by Joe Biden and it becomes quite obvious that those behind this agenda need to keep Democrats in office if they expect to pull this off. Biden is obviously the more preferable puppet for the job and will be sure to keep the fear factor alive with mandatory masking and continued government tyranny for all indefinitely. The illusion of a pandemic must remain in place for at least another year or so to ensure the “recovery efforts” allow for the Great Reset to come to fruition.

On Feb. 11, 2021, the FDA approved the most promising COVID-19 vaccine for manufacture in the U.S. Mass production began immediately, plans for swift global distribution kicked in, and the first citizens received their shots within three weeks, free at the point of use. 

This is the timeline they are hoping for! A vaccine for all in record time, free at the point of use and guaranteed for even the poorest countries, because according to Bill Gates, if we do a really good job on vaccinations we can reduce the world population by up to 15%. What better way to kill two birds with one stone for massive profit?

In the summer of 2022, the other major crisis of our age took a turn for the apocalyptic. Climate breakdown finally landed in the developed world, testing the resilience of social systems. In the Midwestern U.S., a severe drought wiped out crops that supplied one-sixth of the world’s grain output. People woke up to the need for governments to form a coordinated response to climate change and direct global fiscal stimulus in support of a green economy.

And here’s where the story really gets juicy. By the year 2022 we can expect there to be major droughts and other so called “natural” disasters. These will of course be achieved through the use of radio frequency technology that can manipulate the weather, combined with the use of directed energy weapons.

Mark my words: in the next two years there will be catastrophic hurricanes, fires, and serious drought in order to command submission to the climate change agenda and force migration of the people into their coming smart cities.

And CEOs had to certify that their companies were complying with the rules—or face criminal penalties for violating them.

The people will have no choice but to wake up to the need for governments to form a coordinated response and the acceptance of a fiscal stimulus in support of a green economy. Businesses will comply with all regulations or they will not get their bailouts and may even face criminal prosecution.

And so we stand here in 2023 the same people but in a different society. COVID-19 convinced us we could not go back to business as usual. The world has embraced a “new normal” that ensures public-private collaborations are driven by public interest, not private profit.

Welcome to your new world order, a communist utopia with tyranny and vaccines for all, brought to you by COVID-19, the pandemic that never was.

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COVID-19 Is The Litmus Test

October 24, 2020 By Levana Lomma ~

On March 13th of the year 2020 President Trump declared a state of emergency for the United States of America based on an assumption that the lives of the people of our country were in imminent danger. This threat of danger stemmed from a wildly false prediction that 2.2 million Americans would die from this newly discovered Coronavirus, now referred to as SARS-CoV-2, which supposedly causes the disease known as COVID-19.

It has been nearly nine months and to date there is still no significant statistical data to confirm that any state in the country is in fact experiencing a medical emergency. If you look at the death rate data for the United States, going back to the year 2014, the percentages have remained nearly identical for each year including 2020. On average 56 million people die worldwide each year. For overall worldwide death, we are still short 10 million deaths to catch up to the average and there’s only three months left in the year. So, tell me then: where is the DEADLY PANDEMIC?

The truth of it is this…

I have uncovered mountains of evidence gathered over many years of research that prove there is a plan underway that is intended to bring about a new world where all nations are governed under one centralized top-down authoritarian system. The elite oligarchs who have orchestrated this agenda are using the United Nations Agenda 2030 Goals For Sustainable Development, among other seemingly benevolent worldly initiatives as a cover story for their plans and designs for world domination.

A move towards global governance needs a crisis of global proportions. The threat of “climate change” and “pandemics” are the perfect tool to propagate fear and elicit consent from the masses to be “saved”. For centuries the super powers that rule the world in the shadows have used this dialectic to erode freedoms and ensure domination over the ignorant. They create the problem to get a reaction and then swoop in with the pre-planned solution, which always involves exchanging liberty for security.

Anyone who has been paying attention since this COVID-19 fiasco began has got to be questioning why such powerful and influential organizations such as the World Bank and the World Economic Forum have gone to great lengths to implement COVID-19 recovery plans that call for an economic reset, a move to digital currency and the integration of artificial intelligence into every aspect of life.

Last I heard, protecting yourself from getting sick usually means eating proper and taking vitamins, not crashing the entire global economy, destroying livelihoods, subjecting populations to dehumanizing rituals and depriving us of everything which makes humans HUMAN.

The formation of the United Nations in 1945 has always been an initiative to bring all countries under one umbrella of power. Agenda 21 – The Agenda for The 21st Century was introduced at the Earth Summit in Rio DeJaneiro in 1992 and 178 countries signed on to become part of this worldwide scheme to use the false threat of “man-made climate change” to secretly infiltrate government offices, remove rights to private land and resources and eventually take control of all aspects of life. Human beings are seen as a threat to the environment and therefore must be regulated. They want us all using public transportation to travel, living in tightly packed city centers that are monitored and controlled through the smart grid, where we are under 24 hour surveillance. 

Agenda 21 In Under 5 Minutes

This is also why the roll out of 5g is so important. This surveillance system will allow for remote access to all personal data, including your digital dollars, that eventually will be stored within a microchip under the skin, if all goes according to their plan. The digital currency system will need the cloud to function on every corner of every developed area. All humans must live and work within these urban confines, to ensure the proper function of this system.

This is also why we hear so much fear propaganda around rising sea levels, and other “natural disasters”, such as the recurring “wild” fires throughout particular regions of the west coast. There must be a perceived threat in order to initiate migration into their smart cities. These are some of the areas intended to be cleared of humans first, and there are detailed plans for building rail systems along the very same lines where these fires have erupted.

If you have made it this far

Please take some time now to go through all of the linked material above before proceeding. Those who have chosen to live with a closed mind will immediately dismiss the above based on the deliberate abuse of the term “conspiracy theory”. This is a common tactic used by the enemy to deter further investigation, and most people will reject these ideas with impunity.

Are you willing to consider that perhaps all this time you have been tricked? If so, congratulations! You know how to think for yourself, and thinking for yourself is what leads to truth. Let me warn you though, this journey to truth is not for those who are happy being ignorant.


I wish I could take credit for the above title but I actually stole this from a white paper (not kidding!) written by Fintech and a group of thought leaders in the technology sector, who work closely with the World Economic Forum. This white paper was recently released and they openly admit that COVID-19 is the perfect catalyst for the New World Order, and that the vision of a world governed through artificial intelligence could only be born from the perfect crisis.

So, let’s go back to the beginning and we will put the pieces together. In the end you will see a much different picture than the one being painted by the mainstream media.

Let me say a bit about the media. Did you know that 90% of all media is owned and controlled by only 6 corporations? Did you know that most of what is really happening in the world is never reported on because content is always chosen based on factors that maximize profit? The media is not in the business of informing the masses of the truth, they are always seeking to present a specific perception in order to maintain a desired narrative.

Since its inception, television has always been the most useful propaganda tool. Once you understand that every single thing you see on your television is intended to persuade beliefs and opinions, you can begin to see that being well informed is not something that comes from watching the 6 o’clock news. You have to work for it. You have to dig for the truth yourself. They don’t want you to know. They don’t want you to question. They don’t want you to rebel. So just like the days of the Roman Empire, they will give you bread and circus. And most will be happy to be entertained.

In December we saw on our television set people in China dropping dead in the street from this new Coronavirus. Did you ever stop to wonder why that no longer seems to be the case? Well, I’ll tell you why: Because it was all FAKE! They needed to shock the people and activate a primal fear response, causing the brain to be incapable of rational thought and instead driven by the survival instinct.

Once the people accepted what was being presented as truth, there was no longer a need for shock and awe. Next they just moved into the forced mask wearing and ridiculous rituals like “social distancing” to reinforce the illusion of a “pandemic”. It proved to be quite easy to bring life as we knew it to a screeching halt with nothing more than words and pictures on a tv screen.

When the Imperial College in London released their projections for COVID-19 deaths in the United States at a whopping 2.2 million, it’s no surprise that the knee jerk reaction was to enforce a strict China-like lockdown for the United States. No surprise, mostly because of the fact that the Imperial College London receives funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who happens to stand to benefit large profits from a Covid-19 vaccine.

Additionally, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) happens to have concurrently held a position not only with the NIH but also with the Global Vaccine Action Plan developed by none other than Bill and Melinda Gates. Fauci is the “expert” who advised President Trump to declare a national emergency. And within a couple weeks that 2.2 million number was drastically reduced to only 200,000 yet no policies were changed.

This has been our fate month after month. No matter how much new data emerges, even from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) themselves, that COVID-19 is nowhere near as deadly as we initially feared, this agenda to methodically destroy small business, and basically the entire middle class, continues. 

Early on we became aware that for the first time ever the CDC was suddenly demanding a new system for the reporting of death data by physicians. All across the world doctors were now advised that they ought to declare a death as being caused by COVID-19 if there was even simply a reason to suspect that they may have the disease, without even the need for laboratory testing. This major discrepancy in cause of death reporting later confirmed fabricated numbers when the CDC updated their all cause mortality charts in September and it was noted that out of the recorded 160,000 deaths merely 6% could be attributed ONLY to COVID-19 and that the other 94% had at least 2.6 other comorbidities. People are dying with COVID-19 and NOT from it.

Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


It’s just a mask until it’s just a vaccine.

So, here we are nine months later and still NO CURVE. We were told it would be temporary, just to alleviate the pressure on the healthcare system. We were told we could never stop COVID-19 from spreading but that we could slow it down. We were told we would have to learn to live with it, but what we were never told is that this also meant learning to live with tyranny over a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate, because they had no intention of letting this end any time soon.

Hospitals were never overrun and even with the rising number of “cases” we still don’t see any elusive curve. If we are indeed in a continued state of emergency why have all of the makeshift hospitals been long taken down? Certainly we must remain prepared if the threat still exists, right?

No. There is no more need for props now that the orchestrators can see that the masses are subdued and have fully submitted to their agenda. Look at how obediently they wear the muzzle! If they won’t even stand up for their right to breath, they got this thing in the bag!


Did you know that the inventor of the RT-PCR test that’s being widely used to diagnose COVID-19, just happened to die in August of 2019? But not after recording an interview where he spoke of the PCR test as an oxymoron, because it has never been capable of detecting the presence of a live virus but instead only looks for genetic sequences which must be amplified to register a positive result.

This process of amplification leads to a high false positive rate due to the inability to single out any one particular viral particle or bacteria from another. The RT-PCR test is not intended to be used for diagnosis yet has been granted such Emergency Use Authorization by the Food and Drug Administration. This highly inaccurate test has been used to create widespread hysteria over “confirmed cases” which in turn has been at the root of all public policy around the reopening of schools and businesses and travel. It is fundamentally flawed and life and death decisions are being based on results from it’s use. This is the same exact flawed test that was used to propagate the fake AIDS epidemic in order to push the dangerous drug known as AZT on the victims. Dr. Fauci also played a leading role in that scandal.

The theory of the “asymptomatic carrier” is being fueled through the use of this fraudulent test, with the unsuspecting public believing that they are capable of spreading disease even though they themselves are NOT SICK. This is the biggest con ever perpetrated on the people and absolutely a crime against humanity.

Because the CDC Guidance on the use of the PCR test calls for a 40 cycle threshold, lab technicians are inadvertently feeding the illusion and panic by delivering positive test results to many who in fact are not carrying any live virus and are not sick, nor contagious. Studies have been done which prove that any positive results that are achieved by exceeding 33 cycles are not found to have a live virus present.

Think of it like this: If we were to take a swab from the interior of our nasal cavity and staphylococcus aureus was found, no doctor would automatically claim that you have a staph infection. Same thing with herpes. Yet this is exactly what is happening with SARS-CoV-2. Every single detection is being equated with a threat of infection to others. It is absolute nonsense, and most of the world is falling for it.

Now, let’s go even deeper…

In a document published on 13-Jul-2020 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) titled CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019 N Co V) Real Time RT PCR Diagnostic Panel, the CDC states the following (p.39):

The analytical sensitivity of the rRT-PCR assays contained in the CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019- nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel were determined in Limit of Detection studies. Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2) of known titer (RNA copies/μL) spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium (VTM) to mimic clinical specimen.

The key part of this statement is “no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available”. In other words, as many scientists and doctors have been telling us, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, aka ‘coronavirus’, ‘COVID-19’, has not been identified (has not been properly isolated). And neither has any other virus for that matter. The entire theory of germs and viruses causing disease has never been proven and many argue that it is flat out false. 

A micrograph of what’s being called “coronavirus” but is really just an aggregation of infected red blood cells.

For as long as the germ theory has dominated modern medicine there has been an outcry from various virologists, biologists, doctors and scientists to reconsider and reexamine the science. These cries have been largely silenced.

And for good reason: the entire vaccine industry hinges on the perpetuation of this antiquated fear based theory. What modern science wants us to believe is that you can poison the pond and the fish will be healthy as long as you vaccinate them. The truth is, the only way to be disease free is to keep the pond clean. This is the terrain theory ideology and it certainly makes a lot more sense, especially when you see how not everyone in every household gets sick every time someone else does.

If the germ theory were true none of us would be alive!

It is the perfect deception to keep the masses in a state of fear and willing to give up all their civil liberties and submit to ridiculous rules which remove all human-like activity. What better way to create obedient robots for the New World Order that will roll up their sleeve for the coming vaccine? 

About that vaccine…

Did you know that since 1986 with the passing of the Childhood National Vaccine Act over 4 billion dollars have been paid out for vaccine injuries? And that is only a small fraction of those who have been adversely affected by toxic vaccines. Most of the victims are denied compensation in this special tax-payer funded Federal Vaccine Court because the standards for payout have been set so high that most injured parties will never find justice.

What was initially created as what seemed to be a win for the families of vaccine injured children, the Act of 1986, was one of the most horrific of vaccine laws to be passed. Congress was bought out by the vaccine manufacturers and the passing of this bill provided the industry with full indemnity from liability. If your child is injured or killed from a vaccine (which happens far more than most realize) it is not the manufacturer who pays. Not even the physicians! Nope! It is we the people who pay. 

Many states continue to pass laws to mandate vaccines, forcing parents to give up their jobs to homeschool their children. Meanwhile, recently Health and Human Services admitted that in over 30 years no vaccine safety studies had been conducted and the CDC, through an FIOA, were also forced to admit that there is NO PROOF that vaccines DO NOT cause autism. Countless studies have been done which, without doubt, have clearly shown a direct link to the rate of autism and vaccines. Many of those who have spoken up the loudest in this arena have been blackballed from their profession and silenced in many other ways.

Where there is risk, there must be choice…

But this is the last thing any of the above mentioned criminals want. They want 7.8 billion people vaccinated whether they like it or not. And the reason why they want to ensure they vaccinate the most people they possibly can against COVID-19 is because this new type of vaccine technology will in fact not only create genetically modified humans, it can also be designed to deliver nanotechnology which will be used to monitor you every move.

Microsoft has already applied for a patent on technology which can be used to mine cryptocurrency using biometric data. Just have a listen to the lovely humanitarians at the World Economic Forum talk about the Great Reset and the blurring of the lines between the physical and the digital, and you will begin to understand where this is heading.

This new Messenger RNA type vaccine, such as that being produced by Moderna, has never been implemented before. What it does is introduce a synthetic RNA strand which interacts with your DNA to genetically modify it and thus create new messenger RNA that will trigger an antibody response. We already know the danger of consuming genetically modified foods and how it can lead to cancer, just imagine allowing your DNA to be genetically modified to create RNA for a “disease” that has never even been proven to exist! 

The time has come to choose…

Despite the continued hysteria around new confirmed cases we still don’t see any data which warrants the continuation of such stringent measures. There is an incredible amount of scientific data to prove the use of face masks to prevent the spread of influenza like illness is useless and we all know that the widespread use by healthy people is doing far more harm than good, both physically and mentally. We know that 99% of those who get this so-called COVID-19 recover without incident. We know that there is no excess death compared to previous years. We know that the PCR tests are highly inaccurate. We know that death certificate data is being falsely reported as death from COVID-19. We know that those who keep pushing for masking and lockdowns and vaccines, stand to profit largely off of our fear. So now that we know, what are we going to do? 


It’s time to make a choice. Are you going to choose facts over fear? Are you going to remain silent and hope that someone else will save you? Are you going to wear the mask until your government says you’re allowed to breathe again? Are you going to just go along to get along? Or are you going to stand up and speak the truth and demand answers? The time is NOW to choose.  

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Be brave.

Hashtag New World Order

October 22, 2020 By Levana Lomma ~

“Covid and The new World Order” is a white paper released by Fintech and the 2020 “ThinkaThon” after participation in the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering at Davos which inspired collaboration towards a New World Order into technocracy.

They don’t even try to hide their intent from the masses any more, because they know most of us are still sound asleep anyway. The one’s who are privy – well, just keep them busy on social media and there will be no true resistance.

2020 ThinkaThon Covid and The New World Order

A new white paper compiled by a panel of thought leaders and co-edited by Dr. Jane Thomason and Jannah Patchay has just been released. ‘Covid and the New World Order – Actionable insights from global technology thought leaders’, is a paper seeking to provoke ideas, discussion, and debate. It serves as a call to action to those within the technology sector who support this dark agenda towards creating a “new kind of human.”

You can get a copy of the white paper by following the link above but you will have to submit your email address. I’ll share my copy here.

In this paper “thought leaders” from Fintech echo what was shared at their meeting with the World Economic Forum at Davos in their 2020 annual meeting where this idea that Covid-19 just happens to be the perfect opportunity to reshape our world economically, socially and governmentally. They seek to promote this absurd idea that blockchain technology will be instrumental in preventing future pandemics. What kind of virology expert would agree with such a notion?

In a video put together by Fintech for their ThinkaThon, Jeremy Wilson retired Chairman of Corporate Banking, Barclays in the UK, explains to us how the coming digital currency will remove all privacy and ensure funds are being spent on what they are supposed to be spent on and that all individuals and businesses alike are in compliance with all regulations – regulations springing up out of Agenda 2030 and the Goals for Sustainable Development. Again, these regulations are disguised in “save the planet” robes but will lead to a life of constant surveillance and no escape from government control.

Man-made Climate Change is a Hoax

This white paper is one of the most blatantly open documents circulating right now which clearly exposes how Covid-19 has been created as a means of advancing humanity into “the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a digital revolution that began in the second half of the 20th century, and is bringing together and blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds.” The desire behind this agenda is to fully integrate human beings with artificial intelligence. They want to turn us into robots.

I’m telling you guys now, it’s game over until we unplug from the technology. Catch my rant on all this below:

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October 18, 2020 – By Levana Lomma

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), “The only acceptable response to such a crisis [as Covid-19] is to pursue a “Great Reset” of our economies, politics, and societies.” Makes sense, right?

Of course not, but this is the truth about this manufactured pandemic: It is nothing more than a catalyst for the New World Order. If you are still on the train of thought that the New World Order is just a right-wing conspiracy theory, maybe it’s time you get yourself acquainted with something called the INTERNET. It is a useful tool for those who are willing to look further than the typical “fact checked” mainstream, government approved discourse.

Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF, Klaus Schwab says in an article found here, “We must rethink what we mean by “capital” in its many iterations, whether financial, environmental, social, or human.  Today’s consumers do not want more and better goods and services for a reasonable price. Rather, they increasingly expect companies to contribute to social welfare and the common good. There is both a fundamental need and an increasingly widespread demand for a new kind of “capitalism.”

That new kind of capitalism is one that places all the wealth and power in the hands of corporations and breeds an ever increasing dependence on government by removing the middle class. Because who doesn’t love the idea of equality? We can all be equal slaves to a system that seeks to track our every move and ensure our subservience. Essentially it is socialism, and the goal of socialism is communism.

He goes on to say, “If the COVID crisis has shown us anything, it is that governments, businesses, or civil-society groups acting alone cannot meet systemic global challenges. We need to break down the siloes that keep these domains separate, and start to build institutional platforms for public-private cooperation.”

Continued mention of the global climate change crisis and the dire need to accelerate the United Nations 2030 Goals for Sustainable Development permeate every article written by WEF. The underlying theme behind the Great Reset as well as Agenda 2030 is the need for unilateral action among nations under centralized management, also known as Global Governance (a New World Order).

In January of 2020, right at the outset of the declaration of this so called “pandemic” a group of affluent “social entrepreneurs” under the wing of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship (a sister organization to the WEF) released a 91 page document called Catalyst 2030 – Getting from crisis to systems change.

This document is a blue print which explains how these “social entrepreneurs” who are hand picked by the Schwab Foundation act as a primary contact among the highest level of leadership, in the most powerful organizations, to ensure the adoption of the philosophy around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The document mentions how “social entrepreneurs” play the role of honest broker, seen as trustworthy, with little to gain personally, and thus able to help develop partnerships in good faith.

Catalyst 2030 page 10

The document outlines 4 Recommendations being presented as a means of catalyzing the the 17 Sustainable Development Goals into high gear to ensure success by the year 2030. The recommendations are as follows:

  1. World leaders must commit to systems change.
  2. Social entrepreneurs should have a seat at the decision-making table.
  3. Governments and other major institutions should create high-level one stop points of contact for social entrepreneurs.
  4. Governments, companies, philanthropists and others must transform how they finance the ideas of social entrepreneurs.

Sounds great of course, if you are one of the vast majority of the population who has bought into the fear mongering propaganda around supposed man-made climate change. But if you have spent any time researching further into exactly what the SDG’s are calling for you would understand there is a much bigger, sinister agenda in the shadows. An agenda to restructure education, remove rights to private property and access to resources, to move all of the people into tightly packed city centers operated through the smart grid, to remove private transport and instead get everyone on public railways, and ultimately to remove all sovereignty, all freedoms and all autonomy.

And it appears these people known as “social entrepreneurs” are taking on the role as reeducation advocates to infiltrate the highest levels of the government and private sector hierarchy to create a unified methodology for total control.

The document goes into great detail about the plans to reshape the system involving everything from education and food security, to digital transformation and a transformation to tourism. Mind you, these are all concepts and initiatives planned out for many a day prior to the “surprise outbreak” known as Covid-19. The worldly powers knew that in order to execute a plan of such magnitude they would need a good crisis. The people would never have willingly closed their businesses and allowed their basic fundamental rights and freedoms to be trampled on as a means of resetting the way the world functions without the belief in the existence of a “global crisis”.

The most disturbing aspect of it all is the fact that acquiescence to this agenda was achieved with nothing more than words delivered through the media propaganda box. The hospitals have never once been overwhelmed and we still see no extraordinary excess death. The infection fatality rate remains parallel to a bad seasonal flu. All of then statistical data in the world is useless when the vast majority are under hypnosis through the television. As long ads the idiot box tells them to be afraid, they will obey.

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Rockefeller Foundation is Infiltrating Local Government to Promote a Massive COVID-19 Testing Campaign

On April 20, 2020 the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University released a report called “Roadmap to Pandemic Resilience” with support from the Rockefeller Foundation. In this report they outline a plan of action that involves widespread testing, tracing and supported isolation to safely get the economy functioning again. It calls for an authoritarian style centralized management approach that involves infiltrating local governments to engage in “educating” state and county health experts and other government officials to ensure the goals for testing are met.

“Road Map to Pandemic Resilience ~ Testing, Tracing and Supported Isolation” EDMOND J. SAFRA CENTER FOR ETHICS AT HARVARD UNIVERSITY with support from The Rockefeller Foundation

The roadmap to resiliency will be headed up by the Rockefeller Foundation’s National Covid-19 Testing & Tracing Action Plan, that has launched an initiative with a goal to increase testing capacity to 30 million tests per week by the fall. We are now in the fall months and it’s safe to say that they seem to be on par.

At the top is the “Pandemic Testing Board (PTB), akin to the War Production Board that the United States created in World War II.” The Pandemic Testing Board would “consist of leaders from business, government and academia” who will be tasked with maintaining alignment among local government officials in all participating cities. This Supreme Council would have the power to decide productions and services with an authority similar to that conferred to the President of the United States in wartime by the Defense Production Act.

For each test, “a fair market reimbursement (e.g. $100) for all Covid-19 assays” is expected. Thus, billions of dollars a month of public money will be needed.

The Rockefeller Foundation and its financial partners will help create a network for the provision of credit guarantees and the signing of contracts with suppliers, that is large companies that manufacture drugs and medical equipment.

According to the Plan, the “Pandemic Control Council” is also authorized to create a “Pandemic Response Corps”: a special force with a staff of 100 to 300 thousand components. They would be recruited among Peace Corps and Americorps volunteers (officially created by the US government to “help developing countries”) and among National Guard military personnel. The members of the “Pandemic Response Corps” would receive an average gross wage of $40,000 per year, a State expenditure of  $4-12 billion a year is expected for it.

The “pandemic response body” would above all have the task of controlling the population with military-like techniques, through digital tracking and identification systems, in work and study places, in residential areas, in public places and when travelling. Systems of this type – the Rockefeller Foundation recalls – are made by Apple, Google and Facebook.

According to the Plan, information on individuals relating to their state of health and their activities would remain confidential “whenever possible”. However, they would all be centralized in a digital platform co-managed by the Federal State and private companies. According to data provided by the “Pandemic Control Council”, it would be decided from time to time which area should be subject to lockdown and for how long.

All of this effort, organization and money just to combat a virus with a mortality rate parallel to the flu? No, there is obviously much more going on here. This is no temporary infrastructure being erected. I guarantee you these militaristic efforts to track and trace will live on far beyond the life of this “pandemic”.

The only thing holding the illusion of a pandemic together is widespread testing for false positives. This initiative will help to funnel billions of dollars into the pockets of the global elite through a system which promotes testing in schools, health care facilities, workplaces deemed essential and of course for intra and interstate travel. This method of mandatory testing to gain clearance to participate in society is projected to continue for years on end and at no time will it ever be considered anything less than a complete violation to our fundamental rights. Just how long can our governments get away with infringing upon our civil liberties in the absence of any solid evidence that an actual emergency really exists?

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WHO Taskforce Looking To Distribute 500 million COVID-19 Tests by Mid 2021 – No End in Sight

ACT-Accelerator: Status Report & Plan, September 2020 – December 2021

Now that the the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated they no longer advocate for lockdowns I predict the next level of control will involve making use of all the FEMA camps erected nationwide. The Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator program created by WHO, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gavi and Wellcome Trust, to name a few, has a goal to create and distribute 500 million rapid antigen tests by mid 2021.

The powers behind the unending COVID-19 narrative have no intention of back pedaling on their stance that COVID-19 poses a grave danger to the world population. This paves the way for them to create a system of control where all travelers will be subjected to mandatory testing and anyone they deem a “threat” could be detained and isolated. These policies arising in regards to “safe travel” are intended to be permanent, as we can assume based on the billions of dollars being spent to implement thermal scanning apparatus at airports nationwide.

The fear of COVID-19 will fade in time but the surveillance structures that will have been solidified will carry on. Just like we have seen after 9/11. The global elite will continue to orchestrate events which foster fear of invisible enemies in the minds of the masses so they can advance their agenda for total control. It is what is known as the Hegelian Dialectic or the Problem – Reaction – Solution schematic. The super powers create a problem to achieve a desired reaction so they can offer their planned “solution.” We’ve already been programmed to accept that future pandemics are unavoidable through media propaganda and the likes of Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Prince Charles repeatedly informing us of the impending doom .

A micrograph of what’s being called “coronavirus” but is really just an aggregation of infected red blood cells.

The truth is EVERY disease is man-made. Disease is a result of the body being poisoned. Viruses are the REACTION to that poisoning. The VIRUS is the EFFECT, not the CAUSE. Until we stop allowing our food, air and water to be poisoned by the very governments many believe are “protecting” them, we will continue to get sick. CONTAGION is a myth. Viruses do not live outside the body, lurking on surfaces and in exhaled breath. No virus has ever been proven to exist according to the scientific process of purification, also known as Koch’s Postulates.

The criminals who have fomented this scheme to propel their new world agenda know that they have the perfect tool of deception in the PCR test. As many professionals have advised, including the very manufacturer as well as the inventor of the PCR test himself, Kary B. Mullis, this test can provide a positive reading on ANY sample with enough amplification and therefore should not be used for diagnosis. Because of it’s sensitivity you can get a positive reading without the presence of any live viral particles – hence the “asymptomatic carrier”. The positive test result does not indicate that one is sick, nor does it affirm that the carrier is in fact contagious.

Roche Diagnostics

And with the definition of a pandemic being changed by the WHO in 2009 to no longer require massive numbers of deaths, all they need are “cases” to maintain this illusion. And all you need for cases is MORE TESTS. For this reason more testing is a high priority to maintain the illusion of a pandemic long enough to successfully destroy economies and move the world into technocracy and corporate socialism.

According to a document produced by the World Bank for their COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Program there is an end date for said program set for March 31, 2025. That’s a whole lot of testing to be done to maintain control of the people long enough to recreate our economic system and the way the people function in society.


Even in light of the emerging data that COVID-19 is no more deadly than the flu and that many of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 cannot be claimed as such due to an average of 2.6 other comorbidities, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board has given a stern warning to countries that we are “losing the battle” with COVID-19 and that pervasive nationalism and a refusal to act unilaterally under protocols which demand centralized governance, we will not be out of the woods any time soon. In other words: sovereignty among nations is impeding the effort to solidify the New World Order. The GPMB, with members from WHO, World Bank, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and even Dr. Anthony Fauci himself, stated in their 2020 annual report “A World At Risk” that the current state of affairs is an opportunity to bring “order out of chaos.” They don’t even try to hide it.

Watch my video outlining the GPMB’s newest report and how it tells a tale of deception: