Hashtag New World Order

October 22, 2020 By Levana Lomma ~

“Covid and The new World Order” is a white paper released by Fintech and the 2020 “ThinkaThon” after participation in the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering at Davos which inspired collaboration towards a New World Order into technocracy.

They don’t even try to hide their intent from the masses any more, because they know most of us are still sound asleep anyway. The one’s who are privy – well, just keep them busy on social media and there will be no true resistance.

2020 ThinkaThon Covid and The New World Order

A new white paper compiled by a panel of thought leaders and co-edited by Dr. Jane Thomason and Jannah Patchay has just been released. ‘Covid and the New World Order – Actionable insights from global technology thought leaders’, is a paper seeking to provoke ideas, discussion, and debate. It serves as a call to action to those within the technology sector who support this dark agenda towards creating a “new kind of human.”

You can get a copy of the white paper by following the link above but you will have to submit your email address. I’ll share my copy here.

In this paper “thought leaders” from Fintech echo what was shared at their meeting with the World Economic Forum at Davos in their 2020 annual meeting where this idea that Covid-19 just happens to be the perfect opportunity to reshape our world economically, socially and governmentally. They seek to promote this absurd idea that blockchain technology will be instrumental in preventing future pandemics. What kind of virology expert would agree with such a notion?

In a video put together by Fintech for their ThinkaThon, Jeremy Wilson retired Chairman of Corporate Banking, Barclays in the UK, explains to us how the coming digital currency will remove all privacy and ensure funds are being spent on what they are supposed to be spent on and that all individuals and businesses alike are in compliance with all regulations – regulations springing up out of Agenda 2030 and the Goals for Sustainable Development. Again, these regulations are disguised in “save the planet” robes but will lead to a life of constant surveillance and no escape from government control.

Man-made Climate Change is a Hoax

This white paper is one of the most blatantly open documents circulating right now which clearly exposes how Covid-19 has been created as a means of advancing humanity into “the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a digital revolution that began in the second half of the 20th century, and is bringing together and blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds.” The desire behind this agenda is to fully integrate human beings with artificial intelligence. They want to turn us into robots.

I’m telling you guys now, it’s game over until we unplug from the technology. Catch my rant on all this below:

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