The Flu Suddenly Vanishes in 2020

November 4, 2020 ~ By Levana Lomma

While ‘confirmed cases’ of Covid-19 continue to rise, an interesting bit of data has surfaced in regards to the seasonal flu. Apparently the flu no longer exists as long as Covid-19 is ruling the testing scene. While some are saying this is the result of universal masking and social distancing measures, there is no actual proof of that and instead this notion is based merely on correlation. If the masking and social distancing actually worked to prevent the spread of any influenza like illness (ILI) wouldn’t it also have stopped the spread of Covid-19 as well?

The reason why we continue to see an increase in Covid-19 while the flu has all but vanished is simple: the flu is no longer being tested for because health care providers are automatically going to look for Covid-19 instead. And of course they are going to find it. If they had tested for the flu they would have found that instead. It’s all about the PCR test and it’s inability to decipher a true positive for any virus it is intended to detect.

Add to that the fact that Covid-19 diagnoses are being made in many cases based on symptoms alone and it’s not at all surprising.

‘Surveillance’ data collected by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that as Covid-19 came on the scene towards the end of March the number of reported flu cases all but disappeared.

In Australia, just 14 positive flu cases were recorded in April, compared with 367 during the same month in 2019 – a 96 per cent drop. By June, usually the peak of its flu season, there were none. In fact, Australia has not reported a positive case to the WHO since July.

In Chile, just 12 cases of flu were detected between April and October. There were nearly 7,000 during the same period in 2019. 

In the UK, since Covid-19 began spreading in March, just 767 cases have been reported to the WHO compared with nearly 7,000 from March to October last year. 

And in South Africa, surveillance tests picked up just two cases at the beginning of the season, which quickly dropped to zero over the following month – overall, a 99 per cent drop compared with the previous year.

While some hold on to the theory that this is the result of what’s known as ‘viral interference’ where one virus ‘crowds out’ another preventing infection, most of the so called experts are choosing instead to claim that the only reasonable explanation is that the masking and social distancing, as well as school and business closures, actually work. This deduction however is not based on any significant statistical data and instead is based on a need to make sense of the situation without admitting that the method of diagnosis for Covid-19 is fundamentally flawed and thatb this entire fiasco is a fraud.

Concerning the use of PCR testing, the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) has revealed that, “Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.” This means a positive test doesn’t guarantee that the Covid-19 virus is causing infection at all and the virus might not be in the patient’s body whatsoever. The WHO has also told us that, “Some assays may detect only the novel virus [COVID] and some may also detect other strains (e.g. SARS-CoV) that are genetically similar.”

The PCR is testing for a specific RNA sequence not the full viral genome, so even if it accurately detects that RNA sequence, there is no proof that RNA sequence is from SARS-CoV-2, as it could be from another virus, microorganism or even part of your own human gene sequence. Since the PCR test is only able to replicate DNA sequences millions and billions of times to then manufacture what it is looking for the test should not be used for diagnosis. The inventor of the test, Kary Mullis, specifically pointed this out and this is also why he has called the test an ‘oxymoron’ in relation to it’s use as a quantitative test. It cannot distinguish between a live virus and dead particles.

Because of these facts you can have someone who has the flu, be tested for Covid-19 and wind up with a positive test. Take into account the fact that CDC guidance for diagnosis also calls for a Covid-19 label based on mere suspicion alone, without the need for laboratory testing, and it becomes quite clear that what we have here is a mislabeling of illness.


4 thoughts on “The Flu Suddenly Vanishes in 2020

  1. Hi, I am also a free thinker and have been since quite young, not as in a rebel or undisciplined, but as in questioned things and wanted to find truth for myself rather than allow someone to tell me its truth.

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