We will ALL be there!

Objectives of our protestKassel, March 05, 2021

OSaturday the 20th March 2021, a World-Wide Demonstration for Freedom, Peace, and Democracy will take place in more than 40 countries all over the world. We will reclaim ourfundamental rights, and take a stand against excessive Coronavirus restriction measures.

Objectives of our protest

Our Fundamental Human Rights have top priority, and are not negotiable.The Excessive and Unlawful Coronavirus Restriction measures must end immediately

The Unreasonable and Tyrannical suppression of dissent by police forces must be stopped.In the past year, people’s Livelihoods and Freedoms have been destroyed by Lockdowns and Borderclosures

We have had our bodily autonomy violated by mask mandates, and plans to mandate CoronavirusVaccinations are being rolled out internationally.

These are unacceptable constraints on our Freedom.We are taking a stand for 5 important Freedoms

  • :• Freedom of Speech.
  • • Freedom of Movement.
  • • Freedom of Choice.
  • • Freedom of Assembly.
  • • Freedom of Health.

The Time for Action is Now.

We call on all opponents of the Coronavirus Restriction policies of their own government to participatein this World-Wide Protest.

As one massive, united, and peaceful community, we will stand up and demand an end to the currentrestrictions and authoritarian control measures.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have grown together locally and become a part of a broaderFreedom Movement around the World.

We have made many new friends, and found that we are not alone in our desire for Freedom.

#WEWILLALLBETHERENow we will stand up. One Day. Everyone Together.

Our Diverse, Peaceful and Powerful movement will not be divided.

We reject all acts of violence, identity politics, and discrimination of any kind within our movement.

We would like to encourage and call on everyone to peaceably and publicly assemble, and speak outagainst the Authoritarian Coronavirus restrictions that have damaged our lives more than any virushas.

We have received an overwhelming amount of support from many countries and are collaboratingwith organizers locally to deploy a wide variety of events.

We are thrilled to announce that on Saturday March 20th, 2021, we will all demonstrate one dayinternationally for our Fundamental Human Rights, for our Constitutionally Protected Freedoms, andfor the end of the excessive Coronavirus restriction measures

World-Wide Rallies for Freedom will take place in the following Countries:(In Alphabetical Order)

Argentina Australia Austria

Belgium Brazil Canada Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark England Estonia Finland France

Germany Greece Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Luxembourg Montenegro Netherlands New Zealand North Macedonia

Norway Poland Portugal Romania Scotlan dSerbia Slovenia South Africa Spain SwedenSwitzerland Ukraine United States Uruguay

Many more countries will be joining our demonstration in the days to follow

More Information will be announced soon.

The pictures of our events will travel around the world, and each event will be live-streamed,on March 20th, 2021


Now that each nation has established organizations for Freedom Demonstrations, this internationalcollaboration has been made possible, and will strengthen the resolve of our movement.

The actions of Governments during the Coronavirus pandemic is an International problem that callsfor an International response.

We stand together for humanitarian values, and as a beacon of true International Solidarity.

We are thankful that so many people are hearing our message, and responding to this call.

#THISUNIONISLONGOVERDUEIn the spring of 2020, we formed an action group in Kassel (Germany). We believe that fundamentalrights are not privileges and we stand for peace, freedom, democracy and solidarity.We are mothers and fathers, children and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, young and old.

We are the people!

We are the society!

We would like to thank those in power for awakening our desire for political self-determination.Website: https://worldwidedemonstration.comOrganizershttps://freiebuergerkassel.deMailinfo@worldwidedemonstration.comTelegram Information

Notes on party politics

We are non-partisan and invite all people who can identify with our values for a conversation.

We are all Human, and we will not be divided.

We Choose To Live Free.

Website: https://worldwidedemonstration.comOrganizers:

Telegram Information Channels


4 thoughts on “Press release: WORLD-WIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM

  1. This is what we need . A REALLY CALL TO UNITY.. 1 nation under God. I live in Southern New Jersey. Can you send me information of where people are meeting in my area? May God bless you and may we be heard. Praying for this nation .


  2. Hi Levana,
    I’ve heard that Huntington Beach will host this Rally here in California. I can’t find any information what time and where in HB but I will be there. Would you please send my updates. I’ve tried the Worldwide Demonstration links but it seems they’ve cut off their servers or may be overloaded? Pls help me get hold of working links too pass on. Thank you for sharing your post. We will be praying for this event.


  3. Can’t wait to be part of this….time for all of us to stand up and show concern in matters that are so important to all human beings and the future for those to come….


  4. How do I find out if there is a world-wide freedom rally neat me in Pennsylvania, USA? I really want to join you all.


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