Smart Mask Tells You When It’s OK To Breathe

“It’s Just Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve…”

April 13, 2021 ~ By Levana Lomma

Two years into “two weeks to flatten the curve” and still the blind obedience continues with no end in sight. Despite the mountains of evidence that has been readily available to the public and the countless medical professionals and scientists who have warned of the danger in extensive mask wearing when it provides no protection from contracting nor spreading viruses, the cult ritual continues.

Now, our buddies over at the World Economic Forum (WEF), who conveniently used the Covid-19 “crisis” as an opportunity to launch their “Great Reset” to restructure the global economy, are proudly introducing the “Mask of the Future” because it’s only two weeks folks…

It’s being touted as “the Worlds first sustainably designed face mask to use respiration sensor technology” because we all know how important it is to keep promoting the idea of SUSTAINABILITY even for something that serves no other purpose than as a symbol of submission, control and slavery. Which of course is exactly the goal behind the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 Goals for Sustainable Development, which of course WEF supports wholeheartedly. “Sustainability” is all about controlling every aspect of human life to protect the earth. Freedom is far too dangerous!

Thinking is hard! It’s so much easier to have your devices do it for you! Then you get to just exist and never worry about anything besides what your government tells you to think about! What a life!

Not only does this smart mask tell you when to wash it, it let’s you know if you left home with out it (God-forbid!) and it even tells you when it’s a good idea to take it off and get some OXYGEN TO YOUR BRAIN! Phew! What would we do without technology???

The worst part about what’s happening in our world today is how few people are capable of seeing the mockery, the arbitrary, illogical and utterly ridiculous propaganda fueling this agenda, and instead hold fast to their belief that all of this makes sense and is absolutely necessary to “keep us safe.” Through out the centuries governments have continually used any number of imagined threats in order to keep the populace in a place of fear so that government could step in to save them. It is the oldest trick in the book and the more successful they have become at keeping the population dumbed down, the easier it has been to fool them.

Covid-19 is the ultimate IQ test.

Sadly most of us have FAILED.


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