Good Health Pass for the Cyborgs of Tomorrow

June 1, 2021 ~ By Levana Lomma

Many of the organizations I follow and newsletters I subscribe to are those within the industry of population control, such as the World Economic Forum, ID2020 and the Rockefeller Foundation. I like to stay up to date on their plans and designs for our future as technology integrated slaves. Last night I came across a retweet from ID2020 which prompted my investigation into the progress towards implementing a digital certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 in exchange for our basic human rights back.

This agenda is moving along at breakneck speed…

Let’s start this journey by taking a closer look at ID2020.

ID2020 was started in 2016 with the support of Microsoft, Gavi (The Vaccine Alliance) and Accenture and it is an initiative intended to ensure that every single person on this earth is gifted with a “digital identity” in order to equally “participate in the modern economy”.

Hmmmm… Bill Gates and The Vaccine Alliance. Well that’s surely just a coincidence right? Their plans for a worldwide push for digital ID can’t possibly have any connection to their worldwide push to vaccinate 7.9 billion people, could it? Nah…that’s conspiracy theory.

Proponents of ID2020 claim that “technology is evolving at a blinding pace and many of the transactions that require identification are today being conducted digitally. From e-passports to digital wallets, online banking to social media accounts, these new forms of digital ID allow us to travel, conduct business, access financial and health records, stay connected, and much more.”

Having a digital identity is the cornerstone for the coming technocratic dictatorship and the effort to move us into the realm of digital identity has been underway for some years. You may have heard that in order to fly your driver’s license must bear the gold star symbol (yes – a gold star) indicating it is a REAL ID by the year 2023. But a plastic license in a cumbersome wallet is SO inconvenient! This is why the ultimate goal is the use of facial recognition to verify that digital identity and all you need is your handy dandy smart phone which is already an appendage.

Here’s where it gets fun! Enter iProov, the Winner of Best Authentication Technology 2020. They are an onboarding and authentication company operating in the UK that uses biometric technology along with digital identities to create secure connections between “real people” and the services the need, making it effortless and far more secure to do business, because we all know just how INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT it is to carry a wallet or remember a password, and we also know just how INCREDIBLY UNSECURE our current systems are! And who has time to be interacting with real live people anyway?

The most interesting aspect of this story is the fact that iProov and ID2020 are proud to announce their collaboration with the Good Health Pass, which further exemplifies what I’ve been saying from day one: a digital vaccine passport was always the goal of this so-called pandemic.

Their website states: “The Good Health Pass Collaborative is an open, inclusive, cross-sector initiative, bringing together leading companies and organizations from the technology, health, and travel sectors. Our members are creating a blueprint for interoperable digital health pass systems and building a safe path to restore international travel and restart the global economy.”

They go on to talk about the need to continue to monitor Covid-19 testing along with vaccination status and how their digital systems will be instrumental in making this process so much easier. You know, because now that we live in COVID LAND we will never be able to stop testing the healthy since you never know if you might be sick even though you feel fine!

It is expected to take years to vaccinate the world’s 7.9 billion people. Widespread testing is an essential public health tool – and one that must continue alongside vaccination to ensure an equitable return to public life.

Perhaps what is most disturbing if you peruse their website is the list of over 100 partner companies who all specialize in the same type of digital tracking mechanisms using digital ID verification, blockchain and facial recognition. This truly is a beast like no other and the tentacles are spread far and wide encompassing every corner of this earth. This beast wants to destroy humanity by placing us in a digital prison and ultimately remove our connection to God. The very structure of our DNA is to be altered through their “vaccination” campaigns where we will become integrated with technology to a degree where that technology can completely erase our divinity, trapping us in eternal servitude to this alternate reality, this false God we call “progress”.

So many fail to see what is coming, but for those of us that do: remember that God always wins.