Tiers For Fears

July 6, 2021

By Levana Lomma

For Our Rights


It’s been just over sixteen months since Governor Ige first declared a “state of emergency” in Hawai’i. At the time of this declaration there was not even one single confirmed infection of the dreaded Covid-19. We were instructed to “stay home to save lives”, to “practice social distancing” and to wear a face covering in public spaces. They told us it was only for two weeks. They told us we just needed to “flatten the curve”. They told us we shouldn’t ask questions and that our compliance was a symbol of virtue. 

But there were so many questions…

How can there be a declaration of a public health emergency when no one is actually sick? If the 6 foot social distancing works, then why do we need to wear a mask? How did all of the big box stores have their social distancing stickers ready to be placed on the very day that Governor Ige announced this highly scientific strategy? If the masks and the distancing work, why did we need to shut down our businesses? If Dr. Anthony Fauci said that “asymptomatic persons are never the drivers of an outbreak” then why do we need to quarantine healthy people?

Sixteen months later and there still have never been any logical answers to these questions besides the frequently parroted “we must follow the science”. If we are talking about political science maybe that would make sense – but sense is something that doesn’t seem to live here anymore. So the cult-like rules remain in place while there is clearly still no state of emergency. Hawai’i remains the only state in America still holding on to Covid related restrictions, with no justification, and no end in sight. What is really going on here?

How many times can the government lie to the people and expect there to be trust? For many months we were made to believe that Tier 4 was the final hump to freedom, but without surprise the goal posts were moved once again with the introduction of Tier Five and Six. Just when we thought we would see an end to restrictions on gatherings and maybe even be allowed to make our own decisions about wearing a mask or not, our government has added a new layer to the control, using the promise of freedom in exchange for an injection. Because how else can we maintain the illusion of a state of emergency long enough to get every single person vaccinated whether they want to or not?

This ongoing Tier system is nothing more than a psychological operation designed to keep the fear brewing and the BigPharma agenda on track. The best way to get the entire population to submit to the government’s demands is to keep tricking them into believing their compliance will earn them their freedom, while each act of compliance does exactly the opposite. And as long as the people remain in a place of fear they remain easily manipulated. Especially when that fear is based on invisible enemies that only the government can save them from!

Now, some here in Hawai’i may argue that this is incorrect, but for all intents and purposes: this is America! Because this is America that also means that the people of this land are protected by the United States Constitution which provides a framework for government to ensure that the rights of the people are not infringed upon in the act of their governance! Yet this is exactly what we continue to see day after day, month after month, and now year after year, with no justification. Governor Ige has maintained unilateral control of all branches of government in Hawai’i for as long as he wants to maintain that there is a “state of emergency” and the legislature and the judges go along with it.

We all know that the rights of the people may be curtailed briefly in times of emergency, but an emergency by definition is a short-lived situation. Emergencies do not live on forever! And even in the face of an emergency, the Constitution is not set aside and forgotten. No matter what, the people have rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and no government or authority figure can deny those rights without “due process”. Rights to due process protect the people from being deprived of their liberty by those who want to claim they are guilty until proven innocent. Or sick until proven healthy. Which is exactly what we are being subjected to today, in this wild new paradigm of the threat of the “asymptomatic carrier”. It defies all logic and previous science, but has been sold to the masses nonetheless. And it is at the root of our oppression.

This denial of our right to decide how we govern our own health has gone on long enough. The people have a right to bodily autonomy, a right to privacy, a right to free and equal access to goods and services regardless of what they wear or don’t wear on their bodies. We cannot maintain this frame of mind that suggests every single person is a threat to public health just because they are breathing. It’s time to end the mask mandate in Hawai’i and end it for good. It is time to get back to living instead of being afraid to die. It is time to remember that we will never eradicate Covid-19. When do we start learning how to live with it? We have already seen that the vaccination does not prevent the spread nor create immunity so why must we wait any longer to resume living free of restrictions?

While Hawai’i is reopened for tourism there is nothing “opened’ about the way our government continues to operate. Over the last 16 months the people of Hawai’i have been denied the ability to enter into government buildings to testify in person during the legislative session or in front of the Board of Education. Our county mayors and the governor have refused to call for a town hall meeting where they would be forced to face their constituents. How can we allow the continued suspension of laws and the blatant unbalanced power of the executive branch of our government to go on unchecked? We have had ample time to figure out how to deal with this virus while also finding a way to restore the rights of the people. Why has this not been achieved after this much time? The answer is clear: that was never the intent. 

This is why legal action must be taken to restore the balance of power between the governed and their government. We are taking that action. Hawai’i Revised Statutes Chapter 127 Section 14(d) clearly outlines a sixty day time limit for the declaration of a state of emergency. This section of the law was written with the intent to limit the governor’s powers and create a boundary. Surely our esteemed lawmakers wrote this section of the law as such in order to preserve the principle of the separation of powers doctrine of our Hawai’i State Constitution. This complaint that the governor has exceeded his delegated power and is acting outside of his authority will soon be heard in the Intermediate Court of Appeals. We believe there is simply no way to deny this question of law.

In the meantime the so-called emergency continues and along with it goes the continued struggle of those who are educated about the dangers of mask wearing but are faced with prosecution for failure to comply. Not to mention the many people who simply cannot wear a mask because it causes difficulty breathing yet they are given no reprieve by medical doctors nor the self-appointed law enforcement at the doors of Ross or Costco. They are repeatedly discriminated against and harassed. 

What is occurring in Hawai’i and all across the world are crimes against humanity and the forced mask wearing is only a small injury resulting from these crimes. Many have lost their lives due to medical negligence, the inability to receive medical services during the lockdowns, or even due to suicide from the inability to cope with the disruption to our lives. The evidence has proven that none of the Covid measures and mandates were ever necessary and that for most Covid-19 was comparable to the flu. Changes in the methodology for death reporting (as newly mandated by the CDC in the year 2020) has resulted in millions of deaths being labeled as a “Covid-19 death” where under previous regulations it would not be so. Hospitals were offered incentives to declare Covid-19 diagnosis’ and are paid more money for these deaths.

All of this information is widely available for those who choose to seek the truth. But the truth is being highly censored. This too is all part of this orchestrated event. Those who are controlling the flow of information are the same people who stand to gain from maintaining the mainstream narrative. This is why countless esteemed doctors and scientists speaking out about the availability of alternative treatments and the lack of science behind masking and lockdowns are being silenced. These facts destroy the “state of emergency” and without an emergency there can be no “Emergency Use Authorization” for a rushed vaccine.

The World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, The United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) are some of the key players and they all have a lot to gain from this fiasco. More money, more power and more control. If you take the time to connect the dots, you will see that they all have a part to play in creating a global crisis so that they could implement their global solutions. The solution of course involves removing the rights of the people and creating a more centralized global government structure with a major shift in the global economic system. How often have we heard them tout the golden opportunity to “build back better”?

We can go on pretending like we don’t see that something is seriously fishy about what’s going on in the world today, or we can swallow that bitter pill. Just remember that the truth is the truth, whether you want to believe it or not.