When I was a child I believed there was something very important for me to understand in this life. I didn’t know what it was, but I just knew that there was greatness within me. Unfortunately, the older I got the more I began to fear that greatness and my inherited beliefs began to diminish that light inside that made me excited to conquer each new day and enjoy the adventure of life. As I experienced life and all of the pain and trauma that surrounded me, I lost touch with my true self and soon began believing that I wasn’t good enough.

I grew up in a loving family, but poverty, my father’s alcoholism and struggling to fit in to my world left me with a growing fear of rejection and a sense that maybe I just didn’t belong here at all. I always knew that something wasn’t right with this world and that the more I tried to embrace my individuality, the more I was condemned for lack of conformity. It took me 35 years to finally figure out that much of this was the result of my divine purpose being stifled by the many modes of spiritual bondage this world is purposefully built on.

Early in life I turned to anything that would make me feel different, anything that would distract me from my feeling of being not enough. I lived most of my life in this perpetual state of fear and self loathing, swinging from one addiction to another, whether it was food, sex, drugs or alcohol, or even money and power. I was always trying to fill a void within me with an outside source. But the truth of it is, it was always right there inside of me, I had only forgotten. And that greatness is inside all of us. That connection to our divine purpose and the power it brings. It was only through the realization that I had been trapped in a two dimensional reality designed to enslave and oppress was I then able to break free.

The transcending of ego is a vital stepping stone to freedom, but one cannot get there until they understand just who they really are and how they fit into this complex puzzle called life. To understand who you are you must understand who you are NOT. The powers that shouldn’t be have many evil agendas in this world but by far the most critical is to maintain control of the minds of the masses. When you control perception, you control reality. Understanding how the enemy uses human psychology to manipulate the masses into becoming their own prison guard is the beginning of breaking the chains. Knowledge is power.

I am no one, but I am everyone. I have no fancy degrees. No certificate to prove my indoctrination. I am just a hair stylist, a writer and a single mother. But I have a mission: to awaken humanity to their greatness and free us all from the chains of mental slavery before I die.

In the wake of “COVID-19”, which is in fact not a pandemic, but the biggest PSYOP ever to gain total control of the world population under a New World Order, I knew that my day had come. I have set out to do everything humanly possible to fight back against this agenda. I have created a local non-profit civil rights organization in my home town in Kauai, Hawai’i called For Our Rights and have been engaged in various projects to educate and empower others in this fight for our freedom. We are suing our governor to put an end to the ridiculously over-reaching emergency orders. If you want to learn more and donate to the efforts please visit our website at http://www.forourrights.org.

Me and Maysa – my inspiration, my muse, my reason to live and fight another day