The “War on Domestic Terrorism” Is a War on Freedom

In the wake of the most blatantly obvious stolen election of them all, the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together more with each passing day and it is clear to see that much of what we have endured this past year through the use of Covid related propaganda has been aimed at achieving specific political goals.

Is anyone really surprised that the same day Biden is inaugurated the World Health Organization also releases updated guidance for the use of the PCR test? The new guidance of course will eliminate a good portion of false positives and we can then begin the decline in cases, which of course will be attributed to the vaccine and Biden’s amazing leadership.

On January 6, 2021 Antifa provocateurs were used to infiltrate the demonstration in D.C. to create insurrection theatrics that could then be tied to Trump supporters in order to justify a preplanned solution to this problem of dissent against government overreach. It’s a classic Hegelian Dialectic scenario and it is the Modus Operandi of the New World Order agents seeking to expedite the efforts to create a centralized one world government built on Communistic principles by the year 2030.

The overarching power structure behind this agenda is the United Nations and a large part of the efforts for world wide control of all governments is rooted in the International Health Regulations created in 2005 by the World Health Organization. The WHO has been intricately intertwined with the UN for decades, using these regulations to coerce nations into compliance with policies that are sure to dissolve nationalism and reward commitment to the agenda…all under the guise of protecting public health.

Now that the elite overlords have placed their chosen puppet as our “leader” in America the efforts to remove all the rights and freedoms cherished in this country is now in high gear. The plan is to remove all private property, all rights to privacy and free movement, to destroy capitalism and the free market, to destroy our right to private money transactions and ultimately remove all autonomy and individualism.

The Great Reset will be the end of humanity as we know it as we descend into a dark “New Normal” where Artificial Intelligence will govern every aspect of life until the HUMAN is no longer needed. It is all about maximizing profit and reducing liabilities. There are far too many of us humans, producing all this carbon and eating up all the crops. Those who manage this human farm from the shadows would love to be rid of a great portion of the population and they will succeed as long as the masses remain oblivious of the Medical Mafia intent to poison us with pharmaceuticals and “vaccines.”

Now we face the next scene of this horror flick: The “War on Domestic Terror.” Just like the original War on Terror which was ushered in as a means of protection — from big bad Muslim airplane hijacking, box-cutter wielding maniacs who operated commercial jetliners with more precision than 30 year veterans with no training — but instead acted as a way to strip Americans of their rights, so too will this new war against We The People. The idea here is: you either submit to the agenda and control your urge to speak out against injustice and the government propaganda or you become an enemy of the state!

Knowing that there are countless facilities around the country that are ready to be used to house those who are “displaced” for one reason or another, it is very disturbing to think that anyone who dare garner themselves a label such as “conservative”, “right-wing”, “conspiracy theorist”, “Trump Supporter”, “Republican”, or “ant-vaxxer” just might earn themselves a bed in one of these camps is something none of us wants to even imagine. But it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

We truly are at war and if we do not stand up against this agenda and take back the Republic, there will soon be no more opportunity to do so! We must understand that WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT! Right now there is a quasi government in place, known as the Corporation of the United States of America which was put in place in 1871 with the creation of the District of Columbia and is controlled by the British Crown. They have taken over and destroyed all that this country was founded upon. The Constitution will not be enforced as the Supreme Law of the Land until the people reclaim it as such!

But, how do we do that?

We start by educating ourselves and others. We cannot solve a problem when we don’t even know it exists! Get out into your community and talk to people. Talk to people who work in government. Demand that those who have been elected to represent us stand up for what is right. Choose freedom and integrity over a paycheck! Refuse to follow orders. Refuse to comply. Write letters. Make phone calls. File lawsuits. PROTEST! It is a daunting task that seems impossible but we will never get there by hoping things will change. If nothing changes, nothing changes! It’s up to you to take action!


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